To properly break-in your firearm, clean the barrel after each shot for the first five shots, then for the next 50 shots, clean it after each group of five shots. We recommend cleaning the barrel every 20 shots to maintain the quality of the barrel.

Cleaning the Barrel

The recommended method for cleaning the barrel is to use a plastic coated cleaning rod, a quality bore solvent, cotton patches, and a bronze brush. First, saturate the brush with the solvent and make 10 passes through the barrel. Then, let the solvent soak in the barrel for 10 minutes. Saturate the brush again and make 10 more passes through it. Lastly, push three patches through the barrel. This will remove any excess solvent and loosened fouling. Then run a lightly oiled patch through the bore to protect it.

Importance of a Clean Barrel

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  • Prevents rust from building up

  • Prevents obstructions

  • Removes deposits and other debris

  • Allows for clear and free passage when firing

  • Reduces the risk of jams

  • Prepares the firearm for storage

  • Allows for proper lubrication

Keeping your firearm cleaned and properly maintained is essential to proper gun safety.

For more information on gun safety, please visit the National Shooting Sports Foundation site.

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